Biolla Rukoro (Lily)

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Biolla Rukoro (Lily)

Company: AirAsia X (First Namibian on AirAsia crew)
Position: Cabin Crew – Airbus A330
Hometown : Namibia

Just to update and genuinely give a huge thanks to CCAKL for guiding, preparing, teaching and grooming me into having the confidence and right attitude to achieve things beyond my own expectations.

Truly this has been an amazing experience and it has taught me how to be patient, it’s taught me to keep improving myself while I wait for my time to shine.

I’m so grateful and genuinely humbled at how things always work out for those who work for it, who never give up and who remain positive regardless of the many trial error interviews I’ve had. Thank you to my instructors at CCAKL who contributed immersely to this moment.