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Cabin Crew Academy Kuala Lumpur is situated inside Subang Skypark Terminal where you will be exposed to the aviation world right before your very eyes. Check out our state of the art facilities which will give you the realistic ambiance of the world inside and outside the aircraft.



“We are very serious when it comes to grooming.” Boost your confidence starting from making you feel and look good. Learn the proper and appropriate grooming to please your interviewer and get a higher chance of getting the job you want. We take care of you from head to toe and walk out from this room with vigour.




“This is the hall of knowledge.” Once you step into this hall, you will inhale the wisdom that everyone should take in making a big step for your future. Breathe in all the learning and breathe out the negative vibes. Renew your behaviour and bring out the best in you.



“If you want to work on improving your etiquette, start with table manners.” Learn the proper table etiquette and the table manners and gain the knowledge on how to serve your VIP passengers. Get the right insight of the correct table setting, familiarize all the utensils and be confident with any fine dining with no worries.


“Fasten your seat belt, put your seat upright and have your chair table stowed…” Get ready to experience the real life of in-flight service. Experience the cabin crew life inside the aircraft right from the take-off announcement to the landing announcement. In between you will be treated like kings and queens 35,000 feet above sea level.




We will take you to experience working in the galley just like the real stewards and stewardesses. You will be taught professional service in first class and in economy class. We will serve with a touch of gold. Explore the galley where the equipment and amenities are kept. You will taught how to organize proper galley organization.



Students at Cabin Crew Academy are also expose on the basics of aircraft handling and aviation world. Basic flying lesson in our simulator are also taught in one of the classes at CCAKL.

The simulator is also open to public to experience flying the Airbus A320. It is also available for professional pilots. Please click here to make a booking.